Edge of... glory?

To the edge and stop.

Think about sex or a wank as water rafting down a river where at the end is a waterfall. In this scenario, climaxing (ejaculation) is the waterfall. Edging would be taking your raft right to the fall’s edge and stopping just before the spill, waiting a moment (maybe pulling back the raft another 100 metres) and starting up all over again.

Lots of guys know that once they’ve cummed, post-nut clarity sets in and we can feel, well a little less sexy than we did in the previous moment and cumming too quickly can spoil the fun… so learning to edge is a way of extending your playtime, while still getting amazing sensations.

It’s a fine art and some guys are totally into it – and can make a sex or a wank session last for hours. And they say that the final “spill” is pretty epic.

Practising edging can actually help guys to are prone to PE (premature ejaculation) to control their climax and potentially make them last longer.

It’s about taking yourself, or another guy, if you’re edging him right up to sexual ecstasy and the hitting the reset button so that you can go all over again.

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If you’re edging someone else, communication is key, but subtle signs from your partner’s body will tell you when he’s close to cumming (his balls might start to contract up towards his body, or his breathing might become more shallow for instance). Read those signs and ease off… Start all over again after a moment.

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