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what did Stacy Francis argue with Whitney Houston about
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Celebrity Big Brother star Stacy Francis has spoken to Big Brother about experiencing something “deep” with fellow housemate, Ray J, and it has nothing to do with his peen.

Speaking about it in the diary room she confessed,

“Ray J threw me under the bus. When people in America tried to make me out to be something I wasn’t, he never stood up for me. I want to know why he never said anything”.

Whitney Houston
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WHITNEY: Stacy is said to have had an argument with the megastar Whitney Houston days before her death in a night club.

Revealing details about an argument that the X Factor USA star had with Whitney Houston, two days before Whitney died, she said that despite knowing Ray J for 15 years he didn’t stick up for her. Whitney died in 2012.

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“When Whitney Houston’s sister Pat went on the Oprah show and said I was stalking Whitney Houston in the club, I was not, we were all standing there talking and having a good time, he knows that, he knows the events of the whole night.

“He never said this is a friend of my family. I’ve known Ray and his family over 15 years; he never came to bat for me. I wish he had the heart to say she wasn’t stalking Whitney in the club, she’s a friend. It was a hard time, I lost everything.”

Last night saw the songstress being “edited out” of the programme by the ‘all stars’ who became Big Brother’s producers for the night.

Speaking about resolving the bad blood between the two, Stacy said,

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 “I just felt it was really unfair. It was shocking when I saw Ray, I kinda shut down. I want a real talk with him; I need a heart to heart with him”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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