A hilarious new viral ad campaign from the World’s biggest coffee shop chain, Starbuck to target the gay community.

    • The brand new ad features Ru Paul’s Drag Race 6 stars Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.
    • The clip is called Coffee Frenemies
    • Originally released with OUTTv

After hearing the details for her full-on day job Adore Delano, spots a coffee shop and goes inside only to find a queue. She asks a number of people in line if she can sneak ahead – that is until she meets with Drag Race winner, Bianca Del Rio, who swiftly rebuffs her request at jumping, but not before ordering a Skinny Latte Extra Foam from the counter.

Just before Bianca goes nuclear on Adore, coffee is served and thus the World is saved for another day.

Starbucks is the latest in highstreet brands and high profile names targeting the gay community a very profitable business – as in the UK – the LGBT+ community is worth over £96 BILLION alone.

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Natwest, Coca-Cola and Chevrolet are just some of the big brands to tap into the market, with big budget commercials.

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Last year Coca-Cola was praised for the inclusion of a gay male married couple in a campaign called Reasons To Believe, however, the company was later criticised for removing the couple from the Irish version of the advert.

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