Last week, Sport London hosted an event at Portcullis house, in attendance were press, politicians and members of the LGBT community, they came together to discuss the 2018 Gay Games.

Next month, Sport London will put in their bid to host the 2018 gay games, here in the most glorious of cities, London. With the Olympic park already built and seen around the world, and after how well we hosted the Olympics, I think we’re in with a chance. I think it’s great Sport London are bidding to host these games, that bring together thousands of LGBT sports fans and indeed the sportsmen and women themselves! I wish them the best of luck!

“Tremendous support came out on Monday night at a stirring event in Portcullis House to highlight the London2018 Gay Games Bid. The reception brought together the key stakeholders involved in the bid process, sport’s national governing bodies, supporters from within national and local government, donors of our 100-OUT Campaign, and leading members of other LGBT groups that have expressed their support for the bid. Stephen Gilbert MP, John Bercow MP (Speaker of the House of Commons), Cameron Cartwell of Ernst and Young and Claire Harvey all spoke endorsing the London2018 Gay Games Bid and why they thought it was good for London. Alex Davis, chair of the bid committee, discussed targets the London Gay Games Bid Team need to reach in the bidding process and why bringing the Gay Games to London in 2018 would benefit the city, the LGBT community, and the UK as a whole. Amongst the many attendees at the reception were, Jo Swinson MP, Equalities Minister and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson (Paralympics Wheelchair Gold Medalist) and Stephen Davies (Cricketer).”

The night was a great success; here are some notable quotes from the evening.

Stephen Gilbert, MP (for St Austel and Newquay), House of Commons said

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“It was a pleasure to host the event which we hope will cement the cross-party political support for London’s 2018 bid and help to raise the profile of the event. This is great opportunity for London to build on the Olympic and Paralympic legacy and promotes an inclusive sporting event to one and all.”


John Bercow, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons addressing the London2018 Gay Games Bid political reception at Whitehall

‘The [Gay] Games are going to go on being a great thing. It would be marvellous if London could host them. Yours, the cause of getting London the 2018 Gay Games, is one hell of a noble cause.’


Alex Davis, Chair of London 2018 Gay Games Bid addressing the London2018 Gay Games Bid political reception at Whitehall

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‘London as a host city offers the chance for people from around the world to view first-hand the rich diverse society that we celebrate here in London. So I would sum up by encouraging you to imagine the possibilities of the summer of 2018, thousands of excited LGBT people and their friends and family descending on London. In our parks our stadiums, our venues, our concert hall, our clubs and our bars for a week-long celebration of Sport Culture and Human Rights’


Claire Harvey, Paralympics Sitting Volleyball Team Captain , Speaker of the House of Commons addressing the London2018 Gay Games Bid political reception at Whitehall

‘I want London2018 to be the best show in the world, Paralympics was absolutely the best show in the world to date, but I firmly believe that London2018 can be the best show in the world at that point.’


I speak on behalf of us all here at TheGayUK in saying we wish them the best of luck and they have our full support!

About the author: Lewis Fellows
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