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  • This African government want to ban lube to stop gay sex

    The government of Tanzania apparently wants to stop gay sex, so it’s banning lube.   Tanzanian health officials have banned the import of sexual lubricants in a move to crack-down on anal sex, directly targeting the gay and bisexual male community. Gay sexual relations are illegal in Tanzania with those found guilty handed life imprisonment […]

  • “We Think Gay People Should Be Stoned Or Hanged Because They Are Destructive”

    The man behind the cancelled 5000 naked anti-gay protest who were aiming to meet Barrack Obama on a trip to Kenya has told audioBoom news that gay men should be stoned or hanged because they are “destructive to the environment.” A shocking interview has emerged of Victor Kidaha, the leader of an anti-gay political party […]

  • Ugandan President Sent Book On Gay Animals

    The German online dating company Gleichklang.de has sent a book on homosexuality in animals to the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni.

  • FNUR Responds To Uganda LGBTs Murder False Allegations Claims

    Yesterday, THEGAYUK reported that up to 6 LGBT men and women had been killed, by stoning, in Uganda. A number of complaints have been made about the validity of the source for the article. THEGAYUK published the article on the basis of this press release, that was written by the Safe Passage Fund supported by […]

  • UPDATED: Crisis in Uganda: Six LGBTs murdered in Uganda in a week

    Unconfirmed reports are being made that at least six LGBT people have been stoned to death in Uganda, after the Country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) was annulled. We are in the process of validating this story – to read the full statement by the Friends New Underground Railroad, please click here. Ugandan LGBT activists have reported […]

  • Gay Ugandans Hold Pride After Anti-Homosexuality Bill Annulled

    Hundreds of LGBTs and allies have turned out to a Pride event in Uganda after the annulment of the anti-homosexuality bill. Around two hundred people turned up to a pride event in Entebbe, 25 miles away from the Ugandan capital Kampala yesterday, after the anti-homosexuality law was annulled last week. The law was reversed on […]

  • BREAKING: Uganda court strikes down anti-gay law

    The BBC is reporting that the Constitutional Court in Uganda has annulled the anti-gay law, which was introduced earlier this year. The law, which was introduced this year, has been widely condemned by world leaders, including President Obama, who called it ‘odious.’ The UK’s deputy PM Nick Clegg, said that the anti-gay law, was ‘abhorrent’. […]

  • Uganda Anti-Gay Law Null And Void

    The anti-gay law which was introduced earlier this year has been declared ‘Null and Void. Activists in the crowded court room reportedly cheered as the law was pronounced ‘null and void’. The BBC is reporting that the Constitutional Court in Uganda has annulled the anti-gay law, which was introduced earlier this year. The law, which […]

  • The Commonwealth Condemned at Pride In London parade

    African LGBT activists will march alongside the Peter Tatchell Foundation near the head of the annual Pride London parade this Saturday, 28 June, to protest against the persecution of LGBT people in 80 per cent of the 53 Commonwealth member states – many of them African nations. We are calling on 42 Commonwealth countries to […]

  • Telecoms Giant Orange Pulls Adverts From Anti-Gay Ugandan Tabloid

    A subsidiary of telecoms giant Orange has pulled advertising from Red Pepper, a tabloid newspaper in Uganda. It has been reported that a subsidiary of Orange has pulled its advertising from Red Pepper, a tabloid which controversially published a list of ‘Uganda’s 200 top homos’ in Uganda – after new laws which make homosexual acts […]

  • Uganda’s President: Gays ‘Are Disgusting’ and ‘Abnormal’

    The Ugandan government has signed into law a bill that will see gay people serving lengthy jail sentences for gay sex. In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Zain Verjee, Ugandan President Museveni stated that he found homosexuality ‘disgusting’ and ‘abnormal’. Museveni told Verjee that his message to human rights groups and US President Obama was […]