Day: 20 July 2015

  • Gawker Editors Resign Over Removal Of Gay Escort / Conde Nast Exec Article

    Two editors resigned today after the site’s managing partner Nick Denton removed an article that alleged that a Conde Nast exec was paying to see a gay porn star. Gawker Media Executive Editor Tommy Craggs and editor-in-chief Max Read have both resigned citing the removal of a post that many have claimed was […]

  • Pride event bans Drag Queens in case they offend

    Glasgow’s Free Pride, not to be mistaken for Glasgow Pride, has taken steps to ban drag queens from its Pride after a trans and non-binary caucus decided some drag acts could offend. A pride event has become the first in the UK to officially ban drag queens from its event after deciding that some drag […]

  • “We Think Gay People Should Be Stoned Or Hanged Because They Are Destructive”

    The man behind the cancelled 5000 naked anti-gay protest who were aiming to meet Barrack Obama on a trip to Kenya has told audioBoom news that gay men should be stoned or hanged because they are “destructive to the environment.” A shocking interview has emerged of Victor Kidaha, the leader of an anti-gay political party […]

  • LBC Radio Presenter Iain Dale Slams Ivan Massow Mayoral Campaign Video

    Long-time LBC presenter Iain Dale has slammed Ivan Massow’s latest mayoral campaign video as “buttock-clenchingly awful”. The out LBC presenter Iain Dale tweeted his disapproval of Ivan Massow‘s latest mayoral campaign video calling it “possibly the worst campaign video” he had ever seen. Oh dear. @IvanMassow has just released possibly the worst campaign video I've […]