The German online dating company has sent a book on homosexuality in animals to the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni.

“Biological Exuberance – Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity” was written by the Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl. The book documents homosexual behavior in more than 450 animal species. The book has been sent by the dating company to the presidential office in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and to the Ugandan Embassy in the German capital Berlin.


This month, TheGayUK spearheaded a campaign to save Benjy, the gay bull, from Slaughter. The project won the backing of over 300 people and raised over £9000.

The reason for this special Christmas present is that Museveni has expressed controversial views describing homosexuality as “unnatural”.

His administration has been linked to the systematic persecution of homosexual men and women in Uganda.


In an accompanying letter, the director of Gleichklang, Seksan Ammawat, and the psychologist Dr. Guido F. Gebauer point to the contradiction of regarding a sexual orientation as “unnatural” when it occurs in nature in both humans and animals.

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They do not expect to receive any reply. They hope, however, that the book may make Museveni aware of the common occurrence of homosexual behavior in nature.

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