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  • RECIPES | Pancakes

    RECIPES | Pancakes

    It’s that time of year again to dust off the mixing bowl and dig out that half-empty tin of syrup from 1998. If you’re looking to make some pancakes here’s how you do it. Ingredients. 100g Plain Flour 2 Eggs 300ml milk Method. 1. Sift flour into a large bowl. 2. Add eggs to centre […]

  • RECIPE | Green Eggs And Ham, Christmas Morning Surprise

    Makes 6 |  Prep 20 mins |  Cook 20 mins Whip the batter up for these make-ahead muffins on Christmas Eve and then place in the fridge in their baking tray until you’re ready to cook them in the oven on Christmas morning. Now that’s a wake and bake! They smell amazing as they’re cooking […]

  • RECIPE: Overnight Oats, The Inexpensive Christmas Morning Breakfast

    Serves 1 hungry person | Prep 5 mins | No Cook   Simple and inexpensive. Prepare these on Christmas Eve and let these overnight oats soak in the fridge to produce a “cooked”, creamy, gorgeous fuss-free breakfast to wake up and dig straight into in the morning filling and nutritious, a great way to begin your day, […]

  • RECIPE: Bubble And Chic, The Perfect Way To Use Up Christmas Leftovers

    Makes 4 |  Prep 20 mins | Cook 50 mins   Leftovers never looked so good before, right? You can make changes to this recipe dependent on what vegetables you may have leftover from Christmas. Celeriac could be swapped for the beetroot (you will lose the pinky redness of the dish though), use any kind of […]