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Running on Empty Dreams

Sydney has played the part of a devoted wife to her husband for years, but her world is shattered when she meets Jane and is instantly attracted to her. She is quickly overwhelmed with the intensity of her love for […]


Brides To Be

A wedding and a haunted house. A supernatural thriller about love. When Robin & Jenna arrive at their secluded fairy-tale venue, sinister forces besiege them, threatening to tear them apart. Skillfully mixing genres, the film explores how doubt and fear […]



Nine women meet every Wednesday afternoon for 21 weeks of group therapy in this entirely original, ultra modern probe into the American psyche. Starring: Carrie Brownstein, Kari Fillipi Runtime: 1 hour, 46 minutes Release: 2002 IMDB: 6.4/10   Other Genres: […]


More Than Friends

Growing up in Chicago, Angela (a heterosexual female) never realizes that her best friend Tennille (a dominant female) is deeply in love with her. After realizing the love that she’s been longing for has been right in front of her […]


A Remarkable Life

Chelsea (Marie Avgeropoulos) helps Leny (Chris Bruno) overcome his life from a down-spin as his reality comes crashing down after he discovers his wife (Daphne Zuniga) in bed with another woman (Helen Slater). Starring: Marie Avgeropoulos, Daphne Zuniga, John Hurley’s […]


No Secret Anymore

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were partners in love and political struggle for over fifty years. With incisive interviews, rare archival images and warmhearted humour, No Secret Anymore reveals their inspiring public work, as well as their charming private relationship. […]


Kamikaze Hearts

A documentary that gives a dramatic look into the personal lives of Sharon Mitchell, queen of her day in the adult film business, and her girlfriend, Tigr, as they negotiate the ups and downs of life and relationships in the […]


Kittens In A Cage

Ukelele-playing bad girl gone worse Junie Butler gets muscled into prison by her rat fink friends. Abandoned by all, she turns to the warm embrace of her pyromaniac cellmate as they plot their escape from the pressures of the power hungry […]


Raven’s Touch

Blaming herself for a tragic accident, Raven secludes herself at a remote cabin. In a last ditch effort to save her family Kate takes her teens camping. When their worlds collide, they offer each other intimacy, healing and a new […]


Waited For

Waited For is a feature-length documentary that interweaves three stories of South African lesbians who adopt across racial lines. Through their stories we see the progress that has been made in post-apartheid South Africa, but also the difficulties that families […]



Cancerpants is the journey of a 36 year old lesbian woman, Rochelle Poulson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while trying to start a family. It follows her life during and after treatment. Her community rallies around her as she […]


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