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  • Do You Have Facial Faeces?

    Sporting a lumbersexual beard may not be as hot as you think according to a survey conducted by a TV news crew in New Mexico. When microbiologist John Golobic, of Quest Diagnostics swabbed a few beards even he was shocked at what he discovered. Several of them contained normal bacteria, but some contained so much […]

  • Metrosexual Is Out And Lumbersexual Is In

    The days of the well-groomed metrosexual man might soon be over as the “lumbersexual” trend takes precedence. Who exactly are they? Well, this is the new term for hot hipsters who look like lumberjacks? How do you spot them? The lumbersexual man is essentially an urban woodsman; he’s brawny, wears expensive flannel, has an impressive […]