The days of the well-groomed metrosexual man might soon be over as the “lumbersexual” trend takes precedence.

Who exactly are they? Well, this is the new term for hot hipsters who look like lumberjacks?

How do you spot them? The lumbersexual man is essentially an urban woodsman; he’s brawny, wears expensive flannel, has an impressive beard that is painstakingly unkempt and represents the ultimate sense of carefully calculated manliness.


Where can you find them? Well certainly not in the forest chopping down trees. They hang out in hipster bars and instead of wielding an axe, they will probably be carrying a macbook pro.

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Are they gay? Well that is the $64000 question. Yes and No. This new trend has been adopted by straight men too, so you are going to have to trust your gaydar to find out before you start stroking his beard.

About the author: Roger Walker-Dack
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