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  • Why it’s about time Hollywood gave us a Gay Superhero

    With Black Panther breaking records at the box office and another six or seven superhero films due to come out in 2018, Marvel and DC are major power players in the film industry now, and don’t look to be losing their position anytime soon. But where are all the LGBT+ characters? LUKE MARLOW questions. LGBT […]

  • A Marvel superhero has just come out as gay

    A Marvel superhero has just come out as gay

    Hurrah people… we’ve got our very own gay Marvel super hero, but which one? Union Jack (human name: Brian Falsworth) has come out as gay, very subtly by telling Black Widow that he’s just not into her, because he bats for the other side  – and oooo he’s British as well. After confronting Union Jack […]

  • COMMENT | The Iceman Cometh…Out of the Closet

    Those of you with any connection to the geek world or the gay world, and especially those in the inner circle of the gay-geek world, will have seen that Marvel recently released one of its longest running characters from his hiding place in the closet. Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed in All-New X-Men that […]

  • COLUMN | Gaying It Up The Marvel Comics Way

    The Marvel Now initiative was launched with the specific aim of re-launching their entire line bringing fresh ideas and voices to familiar titles. Part of this was to bring diversity and address the inequality balance in the line. Traditionally the core audience for American main stream comics has been an adolescent white male; however the […]