A Marvel superhero has just come out as gay

(C) Marvel

Hurrah people… we’ve got our very own gay Marvel super hero, but which one?

(C) Marvel

Union Jack (human name: Brian Falsworth) has come out as gay, very subtly by telling Black Widow that he’s just not into her, because he bats for the other side  – and oooo he’s British as well.

After confronting Union Jack about why he hasn’t come on to her, he responds

“No offence, you’re not my type,

“I’m telling you I’m gay.”


Union Jack has been a character from the Marvel stable since 1976 – and is a playable character in the Marvel Avengers Academy a mobile game which features teenage versions of Marvel’s super heroes.

However it has been pointed out that Union Jack was in a relationship wth Destroyer (human name: Roger Aubrey) in Earth 616 – which makes them the first chronologically gay characters in Marvel Comics.

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Who knew!

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