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  • FILM REVIEW | Baby Driver

    BABY DRIVER – The surprise hit of the summer, The UK’s very own Edgar Wright takes on the American car chase genre and makes an absolute film classic… all to an endless hit music soundtrack. Nutshell – Baby is a 22-year-old driver for crime kingpin Doc and he does it all to pounding music to […]

  • FILM REVIEW: Faults

    A down on his luck cult expert is hired by a couple to deprogram their daughter in the new online film Faults.

  • FILM REVIEW | A Most Violent Year

    ★★★★★ | A Most Violent Year Ok, a film that’s set in 1980 (my era) and stars Oscar Isaac (W.E. and Inside Llewyn Davis) and Jessica Chasten (Interstellar and Zero Dark Thirty), along with some killer outfits and one hell of a story – who wouldn’t want to watch this? The storyline follows Abel Morales […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Hyena, Slick and Brutal

    The ‘hyena’ in this slick and brutal crime thriller is a burly bent copper called Michael Logan who plays so closely with fire, he is definitely going to get more than his fingers burned if things turn out as badly as they probably will. ★★

  • FILM REVIEW | Inherent Vice, Expecting Boogie Nights, you will be disappointed

    ★★★ | Inherent Vice, Expecting Boogie Nights, you will be disappointed The reclusive writer Thomas Pynchon is known for his dense and complex novels which he has never allowed to be adapted into movies, until now that is. When ‘Inherent Vice’ his seventh novel was published in 2009 the dust jacket proclaimed that it was […]

  • FILM REVIEW | A Most Violent Year, Playing it straight can work – Sometimes

    Abel Morales wants to pursue the ‘American dream’ the right way. However, his pushy wife Anna thinks otherwise. She is the daughter of the Brooklyn mobster who sold his small Heating Oil business to Morales in the first place, and Anna is well aware that if they are to be successful they will first have […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Beauty

    Francois is a middle aged white Afrikaner family man who is unable to reconcile his inner desires with the values of his contemporaries.

  • FILM REVIEW | Our Paradise

    Despite its lack of motive, this film nurtures a disturbing subculture of achieving status by taking what’s not yours to take. Something deeply dark and disturbing yet visually enticing awaits viewers for this French drama about a 30-something hustler whose neurosis about ageing is, we assume, turning him to a motiveless murderous monster. After finding […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Party Monster

    This week I want to introduce to you, one of my all time favourite movies. This movie sees the return of Macaulay Culkin as a club child of the 80s along with his creator/mentor/muse – Seth Green who plays James St. James