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  • Liam Hemsworth tiny shorts, Zachary’s chest and a fake tanned Orlando Bloom

    It’s been an exciting week on Instagram… Here’s what some of the hotties of Instagram were doing this week. Zachary Quinto had some time off and sunned himself day off post run poolside. A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on Jul 14, 2017 at 1:35pm PDT Marcus Collins was channeling some major blueness I'm […]

  • Justin Bieber Displays Ultimate Bratiness With Orlando Crying Photo

    Wow, it seems some people can’t be the better person, after Justin Bieber posts two photos to upset Orlando after yesterday’s altercation. Yesterday Pirates Of The Carribean star Orlando Bloom, 37, and pop singer Justin Bieber, 20, had a disagreement in the early hours, that ended up with Bloom allegedly taking a swipe at Justin. […]

  • WATCH | Orlando Bloom And Justin In Fisty Cuffs?

    Goodness, rumours are flying around that Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have had an altercation. Orlando Bloom is known for his calm and Zen like personality, however it seems that Justin Bieber knows the buttons to press after news emerged that the actor allegedly threw a punch at JB in a restaurant in Ibiza. The […]

  • PHOTOS: Orlando Bloom’s Bum

    Goodness… Now it’s Orlando’s turn as brand new stills from the straight to DVD release of Zulu, show the actor in all his finery.