Justin Bieber Displays Ultimate Bratiness With Orlando Crying Photo

Wow, it seems some people can’t be the better person, after Justin Bieber posts two photos to upset Orlando after yesterday’s altercation.

Yesterday Pirates Of The Carribean star Orlando Bloom, 37, and pop singer Justin Bieber, 20, had a disagreement in the early hours, that ended up with Bloom allegedly taking a swipe at Justin. On lookers are suggesting that the reason for the argument was because an insult about Bloom’s ex Miranda Kerr was made.

Although the reason for the exchange has not been made public, some are speculating that Bieber had gotten very close to Kerr after she separated from her husband.

Bloom and Kerr split in 2013 after marrying in 2010.

Shortly after the incident Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself and Miranda Kerr, in what some are saying is deliberate goading – he quickly removed the photo, but today JB took his brattiness to a whole new level by posting a picture of Bloom crying.

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Reports suggest that cheering was heard after Bloom threw a punch at Bieber in the restaurant in Ibiza.

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High dramz in the celeb world indeed.

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