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  • Thinking of moving? Here are the most gay-friendly cities for expats

    Thinking of moving? Here are the most gay-friendly cities for expats

    When you’re planning an international relocation as a member of the LGBT+ community, there are additional things to think about besides job opportunities, housing prices and public transport. LGBT rights can vary greatly from country to country, and even within regions that are ostensibly friendly towards LGBT+ people, you can still find some cities more […]

  • Jessie Colter reveals plot to kill him in hotel room

    An adult star has revealed the harrowing story behind a plan to murder him. San Francisco adult star, Jessie Colter has opened up after a failed attempt at his life. The star revealed that he was the target of two men, who lured him to a hotel. The star, who has made no secret of […]

  • TRAVEL GUIDE | The Ultimate Gay Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway

    TRAVEL GUIDE | The Ultimate Gay Road Trip: Pacific Coast Highway

    ROAD TRIP!!! It’s the ultimate call to action that remains one of the best ways to explore a country when travelling. For some reason, the thought of piling into a beat up rental car armed with a sat nav and a bag full of snacks has yet to lose its universal appeal. One of the […]

  • The top gay travel destinations revealed

    The top gay travel destinations revealed

    So you’re owed some holiday time. It’s time to pack your shiz up and go on vacay. Are your work colleagues starting to give your work station a wide berth and “concerned” look because you’re giving off that all-work-no-play-makes-Jack-go-crazy look?   But where to go? The world is your oyster. Well users over at Ranker.com […]

  • Victim Of Brutal Gay Bashing Shares Message Of Hope

    A gay man from San Francisco, who was a victim of a gay bashing, has shared a video on Facebook that has a message of hope.

  • Morrissey Says Airport Security Put Fingers Down His Butt Crack

    More details have emerged from a sexual assault Morrissey is alleging happened to him by a member of security staff at San Francisco International Airport. Last month singer Morrissey described the moment an unnamed TSA agent from San Francisco airport “crouched” before him and “groped” his penis and testicles. The singer spoke out that he […]

  • Frameline Festival Has The Gayest Promo Ever

    We have been to a few film festivals in our time but we can say without a doubt that the brand new trailer promoting San Francisco’s Frameline Festival is by far the best we have ever seen It is also probably the gayest too. Now in its 39th year Frameline is the world’s oldest and […]

  • Drag Queen Becomes Mr S F Leather 2015

    The times are definitely changing. The prestigious MR S.F. LEATHER 2015 title was won on Saturday by a Drag Queen called Jem Jehova. She is the persona of Trevor Wisnieski whose version of drag is ‘San Francisco style’ in that she is bearded and androgynous. To qualify for the competition, Trevor/Jem had to prove an […]