the best gay travel destinations

So you’re owed some holiday time. It’s time to pack your shiz up and go on vacay.

Are your work colleagues starting to give your work station a wide berth and “concerned” look because you’re giving off that all-work-no-play-makes-Jack-go-crazy look?


But where to go? The world is your oyster.

Well users over at have been voting on the best holiday destinations to go to if you’re LGBT…

Here’s where they suggested:

San Francisco

Ah, possibly the gayest location on earth. Don’t forget to visit the Castro and breath in all that gay history.


I mean they say Gay Paris don’t they!

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The weather may not always be perfect, but its stance on equality has always been incredible having legalised same-sex marriage in 2012 and having provisions for gay state employees since 2001. Bravo.

New York City

How you doin’…


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First of the Canadian cities to get voted on… Best time to go would be early August when the city celebrates Pride.


gay vancouver
CREDIT: Pixabay / gtriay

Let the vibrant city invigorate. Check out Davie Village and Commercial Drive.


It’s where Please Like Me is filmed… and find out what our roving travel guy Nick Baker thought of it.

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