Day: 26 May 2015

  • COMMENT: Unless You Take A Selfie Did It Really Happen?

    Selfies. We’ve all read how that it is the word of the past couple of years. The buzzword that sums up the zeitgeist. They’ve mutated now to the point for the true selfie aficionado, the timer on your camera phone is your New Best Friend. Of course the true classics of the genre still occur […]

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW | Ember Yard Soho

    Ember Yard Soho is Timeout’s number two destination restaurant at the moment. Chiltern Firehouse is their top-of-the-pops. Leaving the reservation arrangements to the last minute meant THEGAYUK had more chance of interviewing Banksy than securing a table a Chiltern. Ember Yard could squeeze, literally, a table for two in at 9.45pm. Leaving plenty of time […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Sexing The Transman

    When the opening credits roll in Buck Angel’s new documentary and you see that it is an ‘I Love My Vagina Production’, you know that this is going to be a no-holds-barred look at demystifying the whole aspect of sexuality of trans men. What the charismatic handsome hunky Angel does is fill this highly unusual […]


    With a rather grand welcome from the fabulously loud front of house, we were taken to our seats giggling as he continued to tickle us with his wit. The grand element continues, taking in our surroundings. It’s a posh crowd- a mix of business bods and rich romantics (one couple in particular really should have […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Seek

    Twenty-something-year-old Evan Brisby is ambitious. Currently working on a gay magazine that covers the local community in Toronto his hometown, he aspires to bigger things and so sends samples of his writing to The Gazette, one of the city’s daily newspapers. ★★★ He doesn’t get offered a job but the editor is suitably impressed to […]

  • DVD Review: Silicon Valley

    Where would we be without HBO? They keep churning out good programmes – and this Silicon Valley is no exception. Think Sex and the City with geeks, and penises, and the main characters are all men, and mostly virgins, and did I mention they were geeks? But I think you get my drift. ★★★★ The […]

  • Julian Clary To Rub His Ring For Panto

    Punters are you ready? King of Camp, drinker of Blue Nun and fister of politicians, Julian Clary is ready for Panto. Following last year’s record-breaking production of Jack and the Beanstalk, Birmingham Hippodrome has announced another all-star cast for this year’s action-packed pantomime Aladdin, which runs from Saturday 19 December 2015 until Sunday 31 January […]

  • Frameline Festival Has The Gayest Promo Ever

    We have been to a few film festivals in our time but we can say without a doubt that the brand new trailer promoting San Francisco’s Frameline Festival is by far the best we have ever seen It is also probably the gayest too. Now in its 39th year Frameline is the world’s oldest and […]

  • Just What Do The Scientologists Call Poppers?

    Are you still calling your favourite inhalant ‘poppers’? Well according to the Church of Scientology’s ‘Foundation For A Drug-Free World’ you are so behind the times. They have been touring New York City public schools teaching children about the evils of some fo the world’s more popular recreation drugs. Parts of the information they are […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Freaks (1932) Cinema Re-release

    ★★★★ | Freaks (1932) Cinema Re-release Hollywood Classics presents a cinema release of “Freaks” – in cinemas from 12th June 2015 This classic opens with a sideshow barker shouting about his latest addition, without showing it immediately builds some tension, as you want to see this freak. The audience around the cage gasps and screams […]

  • Putting The 2015 Ford Focus Through Its Paces

    The common or garden hatchback has had a bit of a rough time of late. With everyone and their dog all after a high-riding SUV like the Nissan Juke or a ‘premium’ hatch like the BMW 1-Series, mass market offerings such as the Focus can be overlooked. The question is, should you ignore the current […]