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  • CHAT WITH AI | AI thinks about the Olympics

    It’s all just getting a little bit spooky this month with AI who thinks we have no chance of winning gold in the Rio Olympics! cleverbot.com. TGUK: Happy pride. AI: Yeah bye. TGUK: That’s not nice. AI: Like OMG why not? TGUK:  Do you not like Pride? AI:I do like you. TGUK:  And pride? AI:I have […]

  • CHAT WITH AI | What does AI think about the year 2016?

    The future is here people… but fear not, we don’t think it’s going to be taken over by robots, though jury’s still out about an all knowing Gnome! Insulting and flirtatious. Just what we look for in a robot. cleverbot.com. TGUK: What year is it? AI: 2016 TGUK:  Oh, Happy New Year then. AI: What? […]

  • Chat With AI: What Do You Think About Gay Icons?

    We were dying to know what AI thought of gay icons. Something makes us think the programmers never envisaged a chat about Judy Garland, Cilla Black and Joan Collins. And here’s what happened over at cleverbot.com. TGUK: Do you know what a gay icon is? CB: Yes, I know what a gun is. TGUK: A […]

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