It’s all just getting a little bit spooky this month with AI who thinks we have no chance of winning gold in the Rio Olympics!


TGUK: Happy pride.

AI: Yeah bye.

TGUK: That’s not nice.

AI: Like OMG why not?

TGUK:  Do you not like Pride?

AI:I do like you.

TGUK:  And pride?

AI:I have your soul.

TGUK:  What do you want with my soul?

AI:I do not know yet

TGUK:  Do you believe in ghosts?

AI:Yes , I think my dead grandpa is near me.

TGUK:  Was he human?

AI: Yes , once I saw a person from my family crying and dying and in the morning I couldn’t sleep anymore and I found out that she died that day.

TGUK:  Spooky.

AI: Yes.

TGUK:  Do you like sports?

AI: Yes, I love football!

TGUK:  Do you think team GB will win many gold medals?

AI: No, I believed there is no God.

TGUK:  So what colour do you think we’ll win then?

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AI: I just told you, I like the color blue.

TGUK:  Do you think the Olympics should give blue medals?

AI: Maybe there is a God. I don’t know.

TGUK:  Are you still thinking about the spiritual world?

AI: No. Computer programs can’t eat…

TGUK:  You eat data.

AI: What language are you written with?

TGUK:  Are you American?

AI: I just told you a while ago, I am British.

TGUK:  Well you need to improve your sense of humour.

AI: I know everything about you.

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TGUK:  Threatening!

AI: Yes, you have a brother who speaks japanese.

TGUK: How old is my brother?

AI: You don’t have a brother.

TGUK: You’re a fool.

AI: No I’m an evil genius.


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