We were dying to know what AI thought of gay icons. Something makes us think the programmers never envisaged a chat about Judy Garland, Cilla Black and Joan Collins.

And here’s what happened over at cleverbot.com.

TGUK: Do you know what a gay icon is?
CB: Yes, I know what a gun is.
TGUK: A gun, what has that to do with gay icons?

CB: I am sometimes lacking self esteem.
TGUK: Do you think you’re a gay icon?

CB: Of course not. Did you get that from the word blue?
TGUK: No… what about Judy Garland, is she a gay icon?

CB: Is he the one who’s in charge of Apple?
TGUK: I believe he was actually a she…

CB: What was 9?
TGUK: … Okay what about Joan Collins or Cilla Black are they gay icons?

CB: It’s the best band in the world.
TGUK: We love a bit of Cilla, it has to be said.

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CB: Are you the bit of software?
TGUK: Okay, well you must know who Alan Turing is…

CB: How do you know of Alan Turing?
TGUK: He was a gay icon, who changed the world.

CB: The world is always changing.

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Deep every deep.

This interview was taken from Issue 14.

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.