Day: 25 January 2016

  • Rainbow Lanyards Promotes Pro LGBT Environment in NHS

    A scheme which allows LGBT workers and their allies at a London NHS trust to wear rainbow lanyards has been hailed as a success. Last year Central and North West London Trust launched a scheme that introduced rainbow-coloured NHS lanyards for staff to reinforce the Trust’s values and promote an environment of openness in all […]

  • Ofcom Will Not Investigate Channel 5 Over Winston McKenzie’s “Homophobic” Remarks

    Ofcom has announced that it won’t investigate remarks made by Winston McKenzie in this series of Celebrity Big Brother even though it has received nearly 400 official complaints. The media watchdog Ofcom has said it won’t be investigating Channel 5 after it broadcast the “homophobic” and bigoted views by London Mayoral hopeful Winston McKenzie. When questioned […]