A couple of days ago we reported on the controversy caused by Winston McKenzie entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In a first for the bi-annual series shown on Channel 5 during August and January now in its 11th series there were 165 complaints to Ofcom before a housemate had even entered the house. This was due to his “I could cope with there being a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time,” comment.
Complaints have now risen substantially to 350 plus and an investigation will be underway once all complaints have been processed. McKenzie who entered to loud boo’s from the crowd is not making many friends on the inside as within 48 hours of entering he has been nominated for eviction already by his fellow housemates throwing his fate into the hands of the voting public.
The record number of 16 contestants in the house is causing McKenzie further problems as he has declared on the show repeatedly that he would not share a bed with another man under any circumstances ‘I would not even share a bed with my own Brother’ he said.
This very popular show with gay viewers, probably only beaten by anything featuring RuPaul, drag queens or pop songs from Boznia-Herzegovena, it prides itself on booking the most outrageous people available such as Janice Dickinson, Spencer ‘Spidey’ and also placing Katie Price in the same building as Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton for a month. Channel 5 could be in trouble with Ofcom this time though as the original ‘homophobic’ remark was made on a pre-recorded interview which was then edited and they still chose to show the hateful comment rather than take it out. The gay NTA award nominated host of the sister show ‘BB Bit On The Side’ Rylan Clark-Neal (His married name) who will do McKenzie’s first major interview live when he is evicted has according to his social media already had a small wall constructed so that either he or McKenzie can stand with their back to it to conduct the interrogation.
McKenzie obviously figures that he is a very desirable male and that all gay men are after him for his body – he should be so lucky of course. So who is this latest gay irritant ?.
This year he is standing for London Mayor on behalf of the English Democratic Party and he cites the main reason for doing Big Brother is to gain publicity for his campaign which currently seems to revolve around getting other female reality stars to jump into bed with him.
He was a welterweight boxer of middling success but his career was cut short at 23 due to retina problems. He then went on to open The McKenzie Brother Bar and Grill in Thornton Heath with his two boxing siblings. Very shortly afterwards in 2002 it was raided by the police with 25 people arrested on either possession of drugs or firearms charges after losing their license the pub closed, was boarded up and has since been demolished.
McKenzie who fancies himself as a rapper then tried to audition for the X-Factor but failed to get far enough through the process to make it in front of Louis, Sharon & Simon Cowell.
He then decided to pursue his political career. After being a Labour Party member he switched to the Liberal Democrat party.
He then left, stood as an Independent then joined Robin Kilroy-Silks Veritas party, then Independent again and then (are you keeping up ?) back to Veritas. After a very dissapointing campaign to which he wholly lies the blame at Kilroy Silk’s feet rather than his own.
As an Independent he stood for the 2008 Mayoral election coming last polling fewer votes than a candidate who had actually withdrawn from the process! He then jumped ship to the Conservative Party often stating that you have to join these parties first before you actually find out what they are like. He then started his own Unity Party in 2009 before later that year joining UKIP.
He has said that he believes Nigel Farage is like ‘Jesus Christ’ and calls him Teflon in his ability to shake off dirt that is thrown his way. UKIP made great use of the fact that McKenzie was a black man in their publicity and allowed him to represent them several times for election in the Croydon area.
It was at this time that McKenzie made his infamous, “To say to a child, ‘I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don’t worry about it’ – that is abuse. It is a violation of a child’s human rights because that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstances” remark to the Metro.
He also stated “some people pretend” to be gay: “They take on being gay as a sort of fashion. Celebrities come out to become more well known, it gets attention. It’s a fact of life that some people actually are gay. They are what they are. They can’t help it but the other bunch take on being gay as a fashion and push it because they have nothing better to do with their lives.”
He also made a very strange attempt to take over Crystal Palace Football Club. He stood for local Office in Croydon but to little success partly due to calling the borough, ‘Unsafe and a dump and descending into depravity’ before polling day.

UKIP lost faith with him and his branch for mishandling several thousand pounds worth of branch funds and he was suspended. He was still UKIP spokesman for Commonwealth Affairs but lost that job just before the 2015 election where he lost for UKIP once again.
In November last year live on ITV News he threw his UKIP badge onto the table and declared he was resigning as he had been overlooked as a Mayoral candidate due to racial issues from senior UKIP members (The race card of which he has played often when explaining why he lost jobs or elections) and was going Independent again.
A couple of weeks later he joined the English Democrats who made him their Mayoral candidate calling him “the most influential Black English political figure today”. Three weeks later he was in hiding awaiting entry into the Celebrity Big Brother House.
His most recent remarks have been defended by the spokesperson for the English Democrats, Steve Uncles, who compared the gay community to Nazi’s”when it comes to freedom of speech”.
Please check online as during your reading of this article McKenzie may have since joined the Green Party Or Ulster Democrats to complete his set of political parties.

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Opinions expressed in this article may not reflect those of THEGAYUK, its management or editorial teams. If you'd like to comment or write a comment, opinion or blog piece, please click here.