Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been using a pair of Jabra 65t earbuds for a while now and they have become pretty invaluable. Going out without them feels as bad as leaving your phone at home. 

Aesthetically, the Elite 65t is a pretty compact pair of earbuds and are well shaped to sit, largely, flush with your ears. They are supplied with 3 pairs of ear gels, I use the largest. They fit snugly and have never fallen out or even come loose while I’ve been using them. The 65t’s are comfortable and light and actually, you don’t even notice you are wearing them.

I think that’s the beauty of these earbuds. They are so convenient, so easy to use, they become essential.

You can of course use the Jabra 65t as a handsfree kit. Jabra’ four-microphone technology seems to be effective in reducing wind noise. There are perforations on the body of the buds with mics inside to supply ambient sound. The amount of ambient sound can be controlled by the app and we’ll come to that in a minute.

The Jabra Sound+ app is the perfect companion to your Jabra earbuds and allows you to customise your sound so your music and calls experience always suits your surroundings. Through the app, you can personalise your experience by customising the way your sound is delivered. You can choose your preferred voice assistant from Amazon Alexa, Siri® or Google Assistant™. I use the Google Assistant installed on my phone to keep things simple.

Sound quality is very good. There is a deep warm sound which was a pleasant surprise. Earbuds are so small, it is often difficult to get enough bass due to the size of the speakers. In this case, the speakers are 6mm for example. However, the sound quality is excellent for earbuds.

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds and charging case are made entirely out of plastic. I have used some with a metal case that tend to feel a bit more premium, but these headphones still feel like a premium product and the case is very practical, durable and fun. The lid is a bit of a pain at first, hard to open. You quickly discover that the lid has a cool, spring-loaded hinge that needs to be pushed back, then flipped up. 

The earbuds sit neatly inside and an LED signifies they have made connection and are charging.

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Battery life is great at up to 5 hours. Perfect for long drives or a boring meeting. The case provides a further 2 full charges. That’s a serious amount of battery life. The case is charged via a micro USB.

Controlling the music and playback is simple. Fingertip controls give you easy access to core functions. On the right earbud, you can control: play/pause music, answer/end call, reject call double-press the button when you receive an incoming call, voice assistant. on the left earbud, you can control: volume up/volume down, next track, previous track.

When you crack open the case and remove the buds, they turn on automatically. Wireless performance is excellent and you can connect more than one device which is a great feature. I have two phones so this works well for me.

Through the app, you can control a range of functions from updating the software, customising the sound through the inbuilt equaliser, modify your call settings by adjusting how much of your own voice you want to experience on a call for a natural, comfortable sound and adjusting the amount of ambient sound you let in.

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You can also select from a range of presets for situations like commuting, relaxing, and others, although the 65t’s can sense if you are stationary, moving, in a quiet place and more, and it will select the correct preset for that situation. Oh, there’s also a handy ‘find my Jabra’ function in case you lose them too.

If I had to criticise, I would say the case doesn’t feel as premium as other earbuds I’ve used but is tough and durable. The earbuds themselves are smooth and on occasion, I have almost dropped them. 

Other than that, they’re great. I use them every day and always have them in my pocket.

About the author: Mark Turner
Journo @ Blacktopmedia & freelance for various digital & print publications & some corporate mags. Big petrol head, particularly bikes!