"When are you not naked?"

If you’ve not heard of the #NakedBoyfriendChallenge yet – it’s because it’s yet to truly take off, but we really need it to.

Are you starting to get a little antsy due to the current lockdown? Have you managed to cut your own hair and have you Marie Kondo’d your entire house? Then this challenge might be the rest-bite from boredom you need from those long, drawn-out days.

If you look up #NakedBoyfriendChallenge on Twitter you’ll only get a couple of hits at the time of us publishing this article, but we’re hoping that will all change soon.


So what is the #NakedBoyfriendChallenge? It’s actually a really simple challenge to undertake and it’s perfect while we’re currently in the current coronavirus lockdown.

Simply, all you need to do in order to take part is to film yourself walking in on your boyfriend whilst you’re in nothing but your birthday suit and film his reaction to your nakedness.

Twitter user, The OrangeFrog86 recently decided to do the challenge and walked in on his boyfriend, who was innocently playing on his computer and the result was hilarious.

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His boyfriend, who was playing a game on his computer, barely looked away from the screen but did crack a smile, before returning to the screen. When OrangeFrog86 enquired, “is that it? … I’m naked”, his boyfriend replied, “when are you not naked?”.

Watch the video below

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So, grab your phone, get naked and walk in on your boyfriend at an unexpected moment and don’t forget to tag the results with #NakedBoyfriendChallenge.

The results could keep us all amused for a while.

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