Ok, I admit it, not everyone knows this but I’m a DAB virgin!

Newham Radio

Yes, I know what it is – that’s Digital Audio Broadcasting folks but I’ve fallen out of love with radio over the years.

This item is an ideal introduction to the genre of tech – it’s easy to set up, it’s easy to use and it’s easy on your pocket.

It took 5 minutes to set up the radio and that included setting up the clock and alarm.

This UK lifestyle brand, based in Cambridge, has 2 models on offer – the Newham and Chesterton (named after areas of their home town). I got my grubby little mitts on a Newham for this review and from the moment of first opening the box, it was true love.

I’m a sucker for well designed tech, and this model fits that bill.

The Newham is sleek and black and takes me back to the 80s with this tactile finish, its minimalist controls and blue display. It’s slick and not in a bad way. Quite ironic that the first channel that appeared was Absolute 80’s and I love the way that the unobtrusive display lets you know what song is playing – who needs Shazam?

It’s controls in a chrome colour are simple and straightforward with easy to use scan and prev/next buttons to help you find and tune in to your favourite stations. Believe me, with this little beauty, you’ll be discovering more favourite stations.

The unit weighs practically nothing and once charged will let you have 4-6 hours of playback so it’s ideal for carrying around as you Dyson or, you know, whatever you do.

As mentioned before, the set-up is minimal, and sourcing decent stations is done for you – to some extent. You do have to store the ones you love as favourites but hey, you got to do some of the work, right?

At a manageable 210mm x 180mm x 65mm, this unit isn’t huge – but doesn’t need to be. Following the trend for fitting lots into small units, this item has everything you need, from the headphone jack to a 2 line display, rotary volume control and clock/alarm – this is all you need to get your toes a-tapping and butt a-shaking to whatever tunes you prefer.

Ok, let’s be frank, this isn’t a Roberts radio, it might not have that build quality but the price reflects this. It has a manageable £39.95 price tag, and more than delivers for that. It has everything you’d need to listening to DAB radio and still allows you to tune into FM too – if that’s your thing!

The Positive

▪ The price

▪ Design

▪ Ease of use

The Negative

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Dimensions: 210mm x 180mm x 65mm

Boxed Product Weight: 962g

Mains Power (UK lead included)

Rechargeable Battery With 4-6 Hours Playback

Radio Frequency Range: DAB 174 – 240 MHz / FM 87.5 – 108MHz

Audio Output: 1 x 3.5mm Mini Jack Socket

Dual Alarm With Snooze Function

20 Presets

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Clear LCD Display

Auto-Scan Tuning

Auto Set Time & Date

Price: RRP is £39.95 and can be bought:


As I’m writing this, I am singing my head off to Fame – coz I am gonna live forever ok, too much? Ahem, I love this little unit. I’m a convert to DAB. As someone who works from home, I listen to a lot of music and sometimes, just sometimes, prefer someone to choose the music for me? Apple Music gives you too much choice and I can see me getting more and more into radio, thanks to this item!

Our Rating: ★★★★★

About the author: Chris Jones
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