Slovenians have rejected same-sex marriage by 2 to 1 in a referendum.

Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Slovenia after its citizens voted to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. Slovenia was the second country in Europe to put the question of same-sex marriage law to public vote. Ireland was the first, which saw a majority vote in favour of marriages between LGBT couples.



Despite having a raft of pro LGBT legislation in Slovenia, it still lags in many areas. Gay and lesbian couples are not permitted to adopt and “gay cure” therapies have not been outlawed for anyone under 18.



Nearly two thirds of voters over the weekend voted against same-sex marriage in Slovenia with children’s rights at the heart of the opposition’s campaign against equal rights, much like the anti-gay marriage campaign in France La Manif Pour Tous.


Speaking to the BBC Ales Primc from the conversative group Children Are At Stake, said, “This result presents a victory for our children,”



Speaking to the FT, campaigner Metka Zevnik and co-chair of the “Children Are at Stake” campaign, said that the pro-gay marriage law would violate children’s rights. The bill is part of a leftwing project “which does not recognise the utmost importance of motherhood and fatherhood in the child’s birth, development and education,”

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According to the Rainbow Map of Europe which calculates the safest and most equal places for LGBTIs to live in Europe, places Slovenia at number 27 out of 49 countries, lagging behind its neighbours Croatia (5) , Austria (15) and Hungary (16).

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