If you’re wondering why you’re no super hero at work, it’s probably down to the things you do the night before…


And no we don’t mean that lad from Grindr…

The average Brit is ‘at their best’ for just four-and-a-half hours a day, new research reveals.

Tiredness, energy slumps and constant distractions from the internet and our colleagues mean we are only functioning at our best for just a few hours per day.

While worryingly more than one in ten feel on form for as little as an hour or less per day.

The research, by Tilda Basmati rice, found as many as one in six always start the day feeling tired before they have even begun, while 57 per cent often feel lethargic at work.


Here’s the ten thing that are keeping you from being a super hero at work


1. Go to bed too late

2. Watch TV late at night

3. Look at tablet or mobile screens late at night or before going to bed

4. Eat too late

5. Skip breakfast

6. Constantly looking at your mobile phone

7. Look at tablet or mobile screens as soon as you wake up

8. Drink alcohol before going to bed


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9. Have lay-ins





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10. Drink caffeinated drinks within three hours of going to bed


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