Since Tamal Ray has appeared on Great British Bake Off, we’ve had thousands of readers wanting to find out more about him… Here are ten things you didn’t know about Tamal.

1) Tamal was born in Hertfordshire, north of London and he’s 29.
2) He now lives in Manchester.
3) According to all available sources (basically Twitter and Facebook) he’s single…
4) He’s a trainee Anaesthetist he describes himself on Twitter as the “fuzy hared doctor and lover of cake.”
5) With the help of the gay icon Kim Cattrall on Radio Four’s women’s hour Tamal tweeted, that he had “Never before have I identified so strongly with a group of post-menopausal women.”
6) Tamal knows when to use appropriate gifs on social media. Which is always a boon.
7) It seems the boys and the girls are totally in love with Tamal, with offerings of marriage from both sides..
8) Gay Twitter basically exploded with GBBO presenter Sue Perkins said,”Messy top tidy bottom” about one of his creations.

9) Size matters to Tamal, he is regularly asked to bake family and friends’ wedding cakes too – the largest one was five tiers.
10) He basically loves his gifs on Twitter, even the smutty ones…

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