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  • Tamal’s mum think he’s got a FAT bum!

    Baking hero Tamal Ray has been told by his mum that he’s got a FAT BUM!   Yes you heard that right. Baking hero Tamal Ray has been told by his Mum that he’s got a fat bum. Taking to Twitter he said how his mum had been asking whether wearing tight shorts was a […]

  • 9 Celebrities Who Came Out As Gay In 2015

    In our quick round up of 2015, there were quite a few celebrities who came out of closet, here are nine guys who came out as gay. Reid Ewing, Modern Family actorCame out very subtly via Tweet – saying that he found Eugene Bata “hot as f***” Michael Angelakos, lead singer for Passion Pit Came […]

  • Bake Off: Tamal Ray Talks About Coming To Terms With Being Gay

    Great British Bake Off heartthrob Tamal Ray has blogged about coming to terms with who he is and how it made sense to people once they found out he was gay. Tamal Ray, one of the finalists for this year’s GBBO came out in an interview with the Radio Times days before the final. He […]

  • Daily Mail Readers Can Not Help Themselves As Tamal Ray Comes Out

    One can’t help but look, but when the Daily Mail reported that Tamal Ray from Great British Bake Off came out as gay, we had to go through the DM’s comment section to see what its readers thought…. Now we’re careful to point out here that these are moderated comments and do not reflect the […]

  • Ten Things You Did Not Know About Bake Off Tamal

    Since Tamal Ray has appeared on Great British Bake Off, we’ve had thousands of readers wanting to find out more about him… Here are ten things you didn’t know about Tamal. 1) Tamal was born in Hertfordshire, north of London and he’s 29. 2) He now lives in Manchester. 3) According to all available sources […]