Teenager Tony Zamazal from Texas has vowed to fight for the right to wear a dress to Prom.

Tony Zamazal from Spring, Texas is fighting for the right to wear what she feels comfortable in for her High School Prom.

However Zamazal ran into problems when he asked an assistant principal at Spring High School, who is in charge of the dress code for the prom. The student claims that the assistant principle gave him an immediate answer.


According to KHOU:

“He told me it just wasn’t in the dress code. [He said] women wore dresses, and men wore tuxedos,” explained Tony Zamazal.

Zamazal expressed disappointment at the remark, but has vowed to make a stand.

“If I do get to go as a woman, I will be ecstatic,” said Zamazal. “If I don’t, it would be devastating, because I put myself out there.”

The Spring High senior says she doesn’t care what others think about him, as long as she gets to be herself.

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“It’s not okay to just tell people, they can’t be the way that they are. It’s not just a choice of the way you look,” added Zamazal. “It’s more of who you are.”

A Spring Independent School District spokeswoman says there is a process through which Zamazal can fight this. It would begin with him taking his request to the principal of Spring High School.

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