In a twist worthy of Drag Race UK, Transport For London has confirmed to THEGAYUK that it was never approached about Vinegar Strokes’ costume.

Yesterday we revealed that Drag Race UK‘s Vinegar Strokes said that she wasn’t permitted to use her planned costume – an EPIC dress which featured the entire Victoria Line, for the runway section, due to licensing, but TFL has confirmed to THEGAYUK that they were never approached for licensing and would have been ” more than happy to help make it happen”.

In an Instagram post, the North London drag Queen uploaded a picture of the look she actually had wanted to wear saying, “THIS WAS WHAT I WAS PLANNING ON WEARING FOR MY HOMETOWN QUEEN RUNWAY!!!!! What’s more London then our glorious TFL Underground line. But due to licensing I wasn’t allowed to wear it”

Unfortunately, due to whatever the reasons between Ms Strokes being unable to wear her planned costume, her last-minute compromise her runway look failed to excite the judges, leaving Michelle Visage, in particular, disappointed.


She was placed in the bottom two and was forced to lip sync – in which she was victorious.