I was recently asked a question by one of my readers that I am hearing a lot recently. “How do I determine my skin type?” Many people will go through life having no clue about their skin but because we are all unique knowing your own skin type is crucial to knowing what your skin requires to look its best! Identify your skin type may seem difficult at first but is actually pretty easy. Just follow my guide.

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Pay attention to your eye area, cheeks and T-zone. Look at the texture and tone of the skin around those areas. How does it look and feel?

Normal Skin
A balanced oil and water content will leave your skin feeling evenly textured, smooth and toned all over. If you have this then your skin will be referred to as ‘Normal.’ All the other skin types will hate you, as it is the easiest skin type to look after.

Combination Skin
This skin type is probably the most expensive type, as you will require different products to treat different areas of your face. Usually your cheeks are dry while your T-zone is oily and your temper is aggravated. Good luck.

Normal To Oily Skin
Say hello to my skin type. Most days I can see my own reflection in my forehead. That’s right is you have normal to oily skin then you may like shiny and greasy and pores and blemishes may be (will be) more visible.

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Normal To Dry Skin
That feeling you get when you leave a face mask on for too long, if you feel like that without the aid of a lazy face mask you have normal to dry skin. You may also notice fine lines and rough, flaky patches.

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No matter your skin type do not panic, there’s a lotion or potion to suit everybody! If you have any questions regarding your own personal skin type or what products you should be leaving leave a comment below or tweet me @StephenCroweFit and I will do my best to get you a hasty reply. You’re very welcome.

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