Britain is bracing itself for the great Christmas Comedown – which is set to peak at 2.59pm this afternoon (Mon).

Even relationships will come under strain today as Christmas anxiety takes its toll on people across the UK.
Criticism from relatives, inappropriate behaviour and family members not pulling their weight were identified as top triggers for the festive flare-up.
Tensions are predicted to come to a head shortly before 3pm, as families make the car journey home from relatives, according to a survey of 2,000 UK adults by Kwik Fit.
The top five causes for the most argumentative day of Yuletide were:Criticism of family members (18 per cent),Inappropriate behaviour (15 per cent),


People not helping out around the house (14 per cent),

Mess and clutter (12 per cent)

Being given bad directions when travelling (12 per cent).
The research also found that ‘Moody Monday’ is not only the day families expect they are most likely to row during the festive period (56 per cent), but also the day the attention of over a third will be turning to worries about over-indulgence and the year ahead.
Financial worries topped respondents’ woes (29 per cent), followed by bulging waistlines (28 per cent), a post-Christmas anti-climax (14 per cent), returning to work (13 per cent) and not having properly relaxed (12 per cent).
The study also found that Brits will typically spend three intensive days with their friends and relatives over the immediate Christmas period, but have had enough of them after a mere seven hours.



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On average, Brits expect to spend 58 minutes arguing with their nearest and dearest at Christmas time.
Kids were voted the most annoying members of the family over Christmas.
The average Brit is estimated to be £470.21 in debt by 28th December’ have put on 4.53lbs in weight and eaten six mince pies each.
Not surprisingly, forty per cent of us fantasise about going away for Christmas next year.
Paul Boulton, Retail Sales & Operations Director at Kwik Fit, said,

“Christmas is of course the most wonderful time of year, but it comes as no surprise that tempers can on occasion boil over in the car on the way back from several intense days of living at close quarters with family.
“These squabbles can be distracting for drivers at what is already tricky time of year to be on the roads, so we are urging families to take extra care when travelling home and try to extend the season of peace and good will to all men as long as possible.
“Before setting off on long journeys, there is also the opportunity for a free winter safety check at our centres – our technicians are also happy to help but maybe not with any family disputes!

For more information on the free winter safety check visit:

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