Same-sex couples have been excluded from laws that protect straight couples from domestic violence.

Gay couples face further discrimination in China after its first domestic violence law fails to recognise same-sex relationships.
The law that is the first of its kind, covers heterosexual couples only. It covers unmarried couples and those who cohabit but does not recognise gay relationships.

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Reuters reports that the law “prohibits any form of domestic violence, including psychological abuse, and helps streamline the process for obtaining restraining orders.”
Speaking about why gay couples had been excluded, a member of the Legislative Affairs Commission, Guo Linmao, said that they had not uncovered data relating to same-sex couples’ domestic violence.
Gay couples in China have scarce rights Homosexuality was decriminalised nationwide in 1997. There are currently no recognitions for relationships, same-sex couples may not adopt or have access to IVF. There are no laws which protect LGBT people from discrimination in work, services or housing.

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