YouTuber Nick Horton, just melted our hearts… but not the snow, but it’s not what you think it is…

Nick Horton surprised his (now confirmed) boyfriend, Brandon in the snow. The YouTuber popped a question to Brandon (together they are called “Brick”) to ask if he would officially be his boyfriend (usually you get down on bended knee to propose marriage, but hey!).

The question came with a “promise” ring, in a chilly-looking location, with snow on the ground and an iced-over lake in the background.

Nick also celebrate one year of being out…

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In a video posted by Nick, who has nearly a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube, he revealed that he actually asked Brandon in a bedroom on Boxing Day – after the cute couple opened each other’s Christmas gifts to each other – that’s when Nick popped the “promise” question.

Watch it all unfold here