The secret code used by airline cabin crew members to communicate with each other has been revealed.


Low cost airline, easyJet, explained their hand signals after a passenger tweeted a video of cabin crew conversing using bizarre hand signals.

Virgin Radio DJ, Jamie East, posted the short clip of staff using a secret code to communicate with colleagues.

The video shows a cabin crew member doing a ‘chicken arm dance’ while serving up food to passengers.

Jamie East tweeted: “.@easyJet excuse me but please explain what ON EARTH is going on here?!”

The footage left social media users baffled, with people taking to Twitter to share their guesses on what was going on.

One user tweeted: “Got to be cabin crew playing charades right?!”, and another said: “It’s the birdie song!”

In response easyJet posted a video usually used for internal training purposes.

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The clip revealed the crew member was signalling to a colleague that a chicken baguette had been ordered.

The instructional video is used to teach new cabin crew members the secret code.

Hand motions explained in the training video include food orders and signals for various scenarios including marriage proposals and stag parties.

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Tina Milton, Head of Cabin Services said,

“With over six million passengers served each month, the ‘secret code’ has been invented to enable our cabin crew to deliver a speedy and efficient service, whilst keeping unnecessary crew noise to a minimum and provide passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable flight.

“easyJet flight attendants are trained in all aspects of customer service and air safety, and the secret hand signals are an integral part of their inflight knowledge.

“We pride ourselves on providing an excellent inflight food service over the past 21 years, and our ‘secret code’ helps us to ensure customer satisfaction in a timely manner.”

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