A Conservative candidate has made the claim, that Prime Minister Theresa May is a “friend of the gays” during an exclusive interview with THEGAYUK.

Ben Howlett, one of the 40+ openly LGBT+ candidates standing for election in the GE2017 has said that Prime Minister, Theresa May, is a “friend of the gays” and that she was key to bringing gay marriage to the UK.

Speaking with our political contributor editor, Skylar Baker-Jordan, Mr Howlett, who is standing for the Conservative party in Bath, said that Ms May had a “proven track record” on LGBT+ policy, especially with same-sex marriage, saying

“She’s got a proven track record of delivering leadership when it comes to the LGBT community, and no less than at a time when we were pushing through equal marriage, and she was central to that”.

“She’s definitely a friend of the gays, put it that way”.


Ben Howlett was the MP for Bath from 2015 until 2017 (when the GE2017 was called by Ms May). He won with 37.8 percent of the vote, beating the Liberal Democrats’ Steve Bradley (29.7 percent).

When asked if she thought if gay sex was a sin, a question that Tim Farron, was unable to initially succinctly answer, Ms May gave a swift and decisive answer, “No” and continued,

“(anyone) …who is a leader of a political party who is putting themselves up for election and is asking the public to trust them is bound to get a whole range of questions from a whole range of different groups”.

Yesterday Ms May finally responded to the torture and detention reports of gay men in Chechnya saying that the news was “troubling” and “abhorrent” and said that the UK regularly raised the issues of LGBT+ rights with Russian authorities.
Both UKIP’s Paul Nuttall and the Liberal Democrats’ Tim Farron have condemned the actions of the Chechen authorities.
Theresa May has had a chequered past on LGBT votes. Up until 2004, she voted against or was absent from the majority of votes which affected the gay community, including the equalisation of the age of consent and the repeal of Section 28 in England and Wales. To see how gay friendly Ms May is click here.


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