★★★★ | Peter Pan Goes Wrong

If you’re a fan of farce, then this genius gem will slap you round the head, crack your ribs from laughter and leave you with a weaken bladder.

The Mischief Theatre Company are changing the face of comedy in the West End. They already have The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery and now they’ve brought back their Christmas pudding, Peter Pan Goes Wrong. They’ve tapped into something that the West End has been missing for a long time. They’re giving us what we need. A laugh and lots of them.

In these politically trying times of neverending referendum headlines, a plummeting currency, a US Presidency election that makes even EastEnders look dull, and don’t even get us started with how Brexit is going to affect us in Eurovision, this theatre company is like a lit candle next to a flammable costume. On Fire.


The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are about to put on their Panto (oh no it’s not) and they’re nearly ready, but the audience has arrived for the first night and the show must go on, regardless if all the necessary health and safety checks have been made. The set has been improved for 2016, thanks to a cast buy in of £40,000 and they’ve splashed out on a revolving stage. All is set to be an incredible, critically acclaimed am-dram performance of the evergreen favourite of Peter Pan… Or is it?

The theatre’s electrics are on the blink, the sound recording cues are all wrong, the revolving stage has gone haywire, lines have not been learned, but that’s no barrier to this well-meaning band of merry actors. It’s hilarious.

Christmas has never been so funny. Even that time Dad tried to play charades in a full body cast.

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