★★★★★ |Sex With Animals

‘Sex with Animals’ is a must see for those who like one-man shows, information about animal mating habits or just want a fun filled hour. Ryan Good will keep you spellbound and leave you wanting more.

I don’t often recommend theatre productions because watching performers is very personal and what I like may not be what you would. But Ryan Good’s ‘Sex with Animals’ is a powerful, educating and entertaining hour-long, one lion (man) show.

Go see it. Ryan holds the audience with humour and personal insights. He has cleverly put animal sex (including humans) under the microscope. Intertwined is the story of his love life which is different to the norm but the way he explains it makes it intriguing not embarrassing.

This is an intimate theatre but at no point did Ryan make us feel uncomfortable. In fact he got one member of the audience (I’m not saying who) to admit he had tried sucking his own penis. Well, ignoring my women readers, who hasn’t?

Ryan’s hilarious examination of the sexual habits of the animal kingdom encourages the audience to the think about their sexual habits. At the same time he gave us a snap shot of potential different techniques.

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We got to hear of females who lick their partner’s penis whilst they are copulating (obviously not humans) and penguins who do what some religious fundamentalists think we shouldn’t do.

Go see him tonight. If it’s midweek you’ll have time to watch his production, grab a fish and chip supper in a trendy Highbury and Islington restaurant and still be home by 10pm. If it’s the weekend you’ll feel energised to try out your chat-up lines at whatever pub or club you end up in.

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It’s just a pity about the name which I feel may put some people off. The production has nothing to do with bestiality despite what the title suggests.

Ryan may have thought that courting controversy would help him with publicity but I feel it puts potential audiences off googling to find out what others thought of the production. Something like ‘Animal Sex’ would have served him better.
‘Sex with Animals’ is at the ‘Hope Theatre’, 207 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1R1 until the 21 June, starting at 7.30pm. Well worth the £10 price. For booking visit

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