How long can you hold your breath for? How many back flips can you do in one go? Can you stand on your head…or even somebody else’s?

In the London premiere of the show that has captivated sell-out festival audiences around the world, seven young acrobats compete for your laughter, gasps and applause with non-stop, mind-boggling feats of breath-taking acrobatics. Spend a riveting hour with one of Australia’s hottest young circus ensembles, Gravity & Other Myths, as they push themselves to their physical limits and beyond in a captivating show of physicality, skill and daring.

I have to confess that I can barely stand up without falling over so these young (and rather lithe and good looking) Australian acrobats were always going to impress me. The show is a stripped back, pure acrobatics show that manages to captivate and entertain with aplomb for an exhilarating hour. The show ranges from human pyramids, death defying aerial manoeuvres and feats of strength through to tongue in cheek comedy, absurdity and joyful physicality. Part circus, part gymnastics and part contemporary dance, this show had the audience on its’ feet with a loud and boisterous standing ovation at the end of the show.

Did I mention the men too? It’s worth the price of the ticket alone just to see them. They’re muscular lithe and not afraid to take off their tops (and at one point trousers too).

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The show runs at the Udderbelly on the South Bank until the 6th of July.


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