If the return of Saturday Night stalwart ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has whetted your appetite for some classic crooning, some archetypal moves on the dance floor and all things sequined, then why not swap your sofa for a theatre seat and see the whole thing live? ★★★

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace present their third live show, which combines live instrumentals, songs from the Great American Songbook, a variety of styles of dance, from the jive to the Argentine tango and a gentle narrative in a show which tells the tale of a couple from their first meeting to their last tango.

The premise of the story is an old man looking back on how he met and fell in love with his wife, which was presented as a series of set pieces linked by the sentimental backstory, as opposed to it being a piece of narrative dance. The show was presented in a pleasant, laid back and unchallenging style, but the foundation worked very well to showcase some polished routines performed by the rather attractive ensemble cast. They made the whole thing looked ridiculously easy and absolutely effortless, with the cast twirling and swirling their way around the stage, being both foot-sure and precise. It is easy to underestimate just how much skill is involved in the routines and movements when things look so natural and fluid.


But as the stars of the show, Vincent and Flavia, were, of course, the main draw. There is always the danger of these types of shows coming across as either being rather egocentric or being a limited “lip service” appearance to cash in on a name. This show was neither. The time spent on and off stage by the two leads was spot on. The audience were treated to what they had come to see, but the ensemble also got a chance to shine, making the whole thing seem more rounded.


Karen Bruce’s direction and choreography is steady and self-assured, but of course, the evening couldn’t pass without a good dose of the Argentine Tango. Vincent and Flavia ably demonstrated why they were world champions over a number of pieces, with some nifty footwork which was quite literally mesmerising; and the whole show built to an encore which was just breath taking in its precision, speed and passion, and which brought the audience to their feet with rapturous applause.


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The Last Tango is billed as the final ever theatre tour for the celebrity couple, so now is your chance to catch them. If you are looking for a really pleasant and undemanding evening of entertainment, The Last Tango delivers just that.


The Last Tango is currently playing at Sheffield Lyceum until 3rd October 2015 (www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk) before continuing on its national tour, taking in 33 venues across the UK until July 2016.


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Visit www.thelasttangotour.co.uk/ for full details, tour dates and venues.


by Paul Szabo | @IAmScubamonkey

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