One can’t help but look, but when the Daily Mail reported that Tamal Ray from Great British Bake Off came out as gay, we had to go through the DM’s comment section to see what its readers thought….

Now we’re careful to point out here that these are moderated comments and do not reflect the thoughts, opinions or anything else of the DM editorial team…

There was a lot of conspiracy talk of the BBC ticking boxes.

Bert Puttocks: “Another BBC diversity box ticked”

JackMonroeFanClub: “The BBC has to tick the boxes. No random selection of candidates here methinks.”

Hansel: Boxed ticked. Well done BBC. Another year a, another chance to open the diversity playbook.


Then there were those who were happy with the proactive actions they had taken to make sure no gayness ever entered their living rooms ever again:

shop dildos for gay sex

allyc: “So glad I cancelled my TV licence.”

That’ll show em…

Stephen: This guy is a dream come true for the left wing, he seems to tick all of the right boxes to gain him favour with them.

smg: is everyone gay now?

However to be fair and balanced – there were a lot of positive comments – but most people commented on whether Tamal was a “heartthrob” – the answer is yes people, yes!

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