So long, fair well… will switch off its bar finder and news app from today at 11.59PM. When the app was first launched it was one of the only venue finders for the LGBT+ community – however, Google now makes finding your nearest gay club so easy the need to have a dedicated app is pretty redundant.

THEGAYUK’s editor, Jake Hook said, “When we first started working with our developers back in 2013, it was sold as an app that could also be used as a chat app – despite repeated calls for the developers to reinstate and upgrade that feature, it never materialised. In order for us ensure a good return on the development and administration time spent on getting the app ready, we decided to press ahead and despite over 40,000 people downloading and using the app since 2013, it’s not a good or effective use of our resources.”


THEGAYUK, however, is more widely available than ever before. News is available on the global news app, Apple News and we’re working to bring it to Android. We’ll also be announcing further development of sources for our news throughout 2018.

At the end of last year, THEGAYUK launched its LGBT+ podcast on Apple, TuneIn and Soundcloud. Each episode features a well-known celeb or VIP and they talk to our editor and chief, Jake Hook, about their life and time.

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