It’s fair to say that as gay men there are some scents that drive us insanely lustful, but these will vary widely from guy to guy.

One man’s musty Calvins is another’s worst nightmare, however scientifically there are, apparently, some fragrances that arouse guys and the clever bods at Cosy Owl have discovered that there are a few smells that drive guys wild.

Along with psychologist Daniel Sher, Cosy Owl dug deeper to find out what worked and what didn’t.

These are the scents that triggered a sexual response

Pumpkin Pie, Black Liquorice and Doughnut came up as the most arousing scents for guys.

So the next time you find yourself in a Krispy Kreme’s line and holding down a raging man pole, it could be the scent of those holely cooked goods that are getting your all worked up!

Daniel Sher is a registered clinical psychologist and a consultant for the Between Us Clinic commented,

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“Previous studies suggest that the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie is the most popular scent, followed by black liquorice and doughnut. Other studies suggest that musk triggers a sexual response because it is reminiscent of testosterone. Women are also most likely to have a sexual response to odours including baby powder; and candy with cucumber.

“Neurological studies which show that the olfactory lobe (the part of the brain responsible for processing smells) is one of the structures that make up the limbic system (the emotional centre of the brain). The limbic system also plays an important role in a person’s sex drive. Based on brain anatomy, therefore, researchers believe that sex, smell and emotion are all closely interconnected”.

Richard Fewings of Cosy Owl also commented:

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“We wanted to turn up the heat and go all the way this Valentine’s Day by helping our customers with their ‘interior decorating’ skills (wink)… If you want to ignite the flame in your relationship, make sure you have these scents ready and waiting at home this Valentines Day.”

If you’re looking to up your game for true BDE (big dick energy), Cosy Owl has created a designated fragrance oil category for lovers, based on the scents that turn us on the most:

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