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These are the ways you can get a date, when you’re just too darn busy

5 ways to date when you’re too busy for love.

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Using dating apps takes up a lot of time and effort, with the average user spending around ten hours a week swiping! There are so many lost hours making small talk with screens and sending dead end messages to strangers, just to get nothing in response.

The gay dating scene is a minefield and finding a man can be difficult enough, especially for people who work long hours and lead busy lifestyles. Whether you’re just looking for a bit of fun or after a bit of romance there is not enough time for all of this runaround!

Tech guru Kal Kingsley believes that technology has exploded the dating industry and now there is a way to date for everyone – no matter how unconventional. Here are their top ways to date when you’re too busy for love.

Speed Dating


The clues in the name – speed. There are so many organised speed dating events across the country, that are gay and bispecific. The traditional format of these evenings allows you to work your away the room have conversations with other daters. Each round is usually only 1-2 minutes so you don’t need to extend the small talk if you’re not interested. It’s like a series of mini first dates all in one night!

Hook-up apps


This one’s for the more casual daters. Instead of having to sift through the romantic hopefuls on normal dating apps like Tinder, there are specific ones that cater for those after some no-strings-attached fun. For example, although the likes of Grindr and Hornet market themselves at ‘dating’ apps, they are generally used in the community as hook-up platforms.


Group Dates

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Similar to speed dating, group dates bring your date to you. Meeting someone face to face cuts out the back and forth messaging so it’s much quicker to know if you like someone or not. Companies such as ‘My Friend Charlie’ are launching LGBT dates where they organise unusual events such as a ghost hunt or a chocolate making class, – you choose an event, not a profile! This lets you meet and chat to like-minded people that you already know have similar interests to you.

Hire an escort


Escorting isn’t the seedy, underground arrangement that it used to be. If you have a bit of disposable money, it’s a great way to get a bit of convenient companionship. On apps such as Smooci, you can choose an escort to take on a date or meet up with and they will instantly respond. It’s a quick and easy of meeting someone, without having to put the groundwork in.

Adult parties


This is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways of having a bit of fun if you’re too busy for strings. There are many adult parties that cater to everyone, whether you want a swinger’s event or a quick hook-up in the gay sauna. Just remember to always play safe.


*The app Smooci, mentioned in this post was created by the author 

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