“A Year’s Salary”

Some people think that you can’t be truly straight if you’re a slave to the D – whether you’re being paid or not, some believe that sex with someone from the same sex can be separated from being gay.

What is gay for pay?

Gay for pay is where a man, who doesn’t identify as gay does sexual things to another guy for money, from kissing to anal sex. This is most prevalent in the porn industry where male stars are paid more handsomely in gay porn than their male counterparts in straight porn.

In gay for pay porn, men who ID as straight will often give and receive BJs, top and bottom and do mutual masturbation. Some performers will not give oral or take in anal – and are strict tops.

Student loans and a yacht in Monaco

These guys on Reddit gave a long hard think about how much cash it’d take them to go gay… Some of them had a lot of detail… We see you Mr Clooney lover…

Like would I blow a guy for a million dollars? I mean, I don’t see why not. A million dollars is a million dollars and I could say that I blew a guy for a million dollars when all of those relevant conversations pop up. [VIA]

I’d do almost whatever someone wanted if they’d pay off my student loans ($63K) [VIA]

Enough to get out of debt. And some controlled substances to set the tone for the ceremony wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. [VIA]

Money on the scale of years worth of salary? I’d consider it. Men don’t interest me, but I can’t imagine a few hours of that is all that scarring of an experience, and if it is, there are years on the beach to get over it. Experimentation for experimentation’s sake or a small-scale amount of money holds no interest, however. [VIA]

What does the guy on SNL say? “If you won’t blow a guy for $3000, you don’t care about your family.” [VIA]

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If the money was enough to pay off all my bills and house. Buy me 2 new cars and a trip to Paris… and I was topping him with 5 condoms on. Then yes. [VIA]

Yup, if it were enough of the “pay” to make a difference in my day-to-day financials, such as paying off my student debt or getting a good nest egg started for my kids. But not with some ugly, unhygienic dude. Needs to be like a night on Clooney’s yacht in Monaco harbour. [VIA]


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