On one hand, it’s a terribly frightening concept – an entire country of gays and lesbians, separated from the rest of society, no mixing with our hetero counterparts… On the other hand it does sound like Kiosk 7 in Gran Canaria.

gay couple moving into their own house
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So there’s a gay separatist organisation called the Gay Homeland Foundation and they’re advocating for a gay-only country. Apparently, to them it’s the only way to end the marginalisation of gay culture and ensuring that millions of LGBTs who live in dangerous parts of the planet would have a safe haven.

Speaking to Vice.com the foundation’s executive officer Viktor Zimmerman said that bringing thousands, perhaps millions of gay people together in one place would release “tremendous energy” – and that we could be living in a “creative and affirmative environment” if gay people had their very own homeland.


He also said that he wanted to establish a free, independent and democratic gay state that would “promote their economic, cultural and political development.”

Speaking more about his plans Zimmerman said, that having such an independent state was important as we shouldn’t forget that the rights and equality that we enjoy could be taken away from us.

“We also need to remember that human rights can be taken away as easily as they were granted. All the progress in gay rights that has been achieved has only taken place in the context of liberal democracies, and it has been a very difficult process that is still unfinished”

Oh it’d be cheap and by the seaside.

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So what do you think folks – a gay-only country – would you live there?

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