“I should have gone for a full-bodied red and acted more interested’.

(C) Guardian / Twitter

So the Guardian sent two guys, Max and Thomas out on a blind date… it did not go well.


Max is 22 and a research consultant, Thomas is 27-years-old and a postgrad student… So far so good. Right?

Well, apparently they just didn’t click and with comments like this, it looks like the Guardian might need to work on its matchmaking skills.

Here are some of the things Max said about Thomas: (Italics ours)


Any awkward moments?
An abundance of awkward pauses. – Awkward

Marks out of 10?
5. – Halfway there.

Would you meet again?
No.  – To the point.



Thomas on Max

What were you hoping for?
An interesting experience.  -Ouch

First impressions?
He reminded me of my geography teacher. – This could be a good or an absolutely terrifying thing.

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Describe Max in three words
Not my type. – Fair Enough 

Marks out of 10?
3. – Triple ouch

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